RM8.88 Cashback For First 888 New Users In Kuching Sarawak

  • RM8.88 Cashback for first 888 new users
  • with no minimum order
  • cashback on the first order in only
  • 2x 50% OFF for the first 2 order with apply promo code “HIBITERIDER” (the 1st Kedah’s food delivery service provider) will launch its food & grocer delivery service and on-demand or same-day delivery service in Kuching, Sarawak – a Malaysian state on Borneo on this 16 March 2021 (Tuesday), the food & grocer delivery service and on-demand or same-day delivery service will be introduced while creating more¬†jobs opportunities for local residents and local businesses alike.

SMEs has gone through a challenging with uncertainty this year, however, there is no doubt that some local businesses have also benefited from shifting online via the various platforms available. And we can clearly see that from our neighbourhood cafes to traditional market vendors and even home-based sellers reaping the benefits of going through digital transformation. Important that not only to provide alternative opportunities for businesses to grow but also to assist them to sustain their business when they do come online.

New users in Kuching, Sarawak may get RM8.88 cashback on their first order (with no minimum order) at Apps.

To introduce apps and services to more locals in Kuching Sarawak, BiteRider has launched a cashback campaign, by subsidizing merchant partners, users and riders. To ensures that while users are able to enjoy the first order experience and promotion, merchant-partners and riders income will not be affected, thus helping them grow and sustain through this period.

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